(written by Ann)

Hello again. This is Ann, writing to tell everyone about Brian. Brian is a now 28 year old (yep, I am robbing the craddle just a tiny bit) chemical engineer living with me in Galloway. He is insanely good at trivia, likes to go play BINGO every Thursday night (he has the hots for the old ladies!), and also -- when bored -- will play literally hundreds of games of war with me. Yes, war -- the card game that requires no brain function whatsoever. He also likes baseball, gambling (my fault), and daisies (kidding).

He is the sweetest person and treats me so well. That is something I am definitely not use to, but he is helping me with that. He brushes the hair out of my face, kisses my neck when I am looking out at a spectacular view from our hotel room window, and smiles at me in the morning. He lets me be a dork and act crazy, and doesn't go running away screaming when I talk about the future. All I can hope for is that he doesn't run away screaming in the future -- because I hope Brian IS my future.

**Brian just read this and reminded me that he is also a fantasy baseball fanatic and has turned me into one. I could kick him for that, but hey -- I made him a more serious gambler -- so I guess I can't talk:)